Converting ideas to content

Aspen Group - it is creative photography association with more than 5 years experience in different spheres of photography.

-  Creating content that's brings real emotions.
-  Showing your products from the best side!
-  Always in the heart of an event. 

Aspen production - creating photo which is helps clients to raise the business and create necessary brand association with customers.


Meet the team

Alex Attikov

Julia Aspen


Creating the project

-  Can be from the client
-  or created by our team by brainstorm

-  Moodboard (samples)
-  Props
-  Location
-  Style

Project approval

-  Project revision,  
-  Project approval

-  Budget approval


-  initial cost estimation 
-  budget calculation



-  Permission requests (if needed)  
-  Project approval

-  Budget approval

Shooting in strict accordance with the script and brief and timing


-  Selection

-  Color correction

-  Editing

-  Retouch
-  Client Revision

-  Client Approval

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